Welcome to the Sayber Open Source Grinder Project

The concept of this project is to share and improve belt grinder designs in a free and open way. From the ubiquitous 2" x 72" belt grinders which are popluar within the knifemaking and metal working communities, to mods and hacks for 1 x 30" and 4 x 36" sander/grinders.

Open Source in the software world has revolutionized the way people use and contribute to the development of great, FREE to use software. High-end video editing programs, graphics manipulation tools and even free, stable operating systems are all available to you because thousands of people volunteer their ideas and time to create and improve the software.

This is a truly worthy adventure in that we can use the same concepts to make and improve a humble homemade belt grinder.

Initially, the number of files will be managed by email until a more permanent and flexible content management system can be put in place. As a collaborator, if you have any files to upload, improved versions, photos, bills of material, build guides, please email me at .


Dan Comeau
Chief Custodian

open source grinder plans
CAD file horizontal and vertical belt grinder plans
CAD file flat platen and large wheel designs



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I would like to be notified when the plans are ready to download.

Also, we're looking for volunteers with skills to help make a better grinder for all. Examples of helping out can include creating and reviewing documents, testing new design ideas, fabrication, creating artwork and instructions etc.

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